Vice President Harris wraps up Latin America trip

ABC News’ MaryAlice Parks reports from Mexico City on Vice President Kamala Harris’ two-day trip to Central America and Mexico focused on the causes of the migrant surge.
3:17 | 06/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Vice President Harris wraps up Latin America trip
We turn now to vice president Connell Harris on the second day of correction to Latin America to work addressing the root causes of the migrant surge on our southern border. And she's Mariel sparks is traveling with the vice president and joins us now from Mexico City Mary also vice president just wrapped up a press conference there any major headlines in and just give us a sense of what she's accomplished on the strip. Well at the press conference she said she considered this strip that's exactly. But it's a really bent. An introductory trend she was able to secure new agreements with both. The Guatemalan government and the Mexican government in Guatemala they agreed to create a task force to work on corruption and here in Mexico agreed to continue to talk about security concerns. But she has tried to really downplay expectations and he ever worked is gonna see results soon she was asked repeatedly about. When there will be fewer people crossing the border when there will be results from her work and and she tries to take a listen. The issue through classes. Is not going to be solved in one trip that took two days. This is an issue that is longstanding. Is in many cases generational. It is not a new issue for the United States to feel the effects. And those root causes on our shores. So you can see her focus is really on these long term strategies things like economic developments that take time. Lindsey street. And vice president at Harris also that worksheet questions as far as why she isn't travelling directly to the US Mexico border receiving conditions they are as part of this trip. How she been answering. Yes she's been defense sit on these questions she has tried to keep the focus on as she said there root causes in Guatemala in hi Doris in El Salvador saying that what's happening at the border. Is it is a result of what's happening. In those countries but as you said she was asked over and over to and why she hasn't been yet as vice president to the southern border. Today she sat finally that she will go as soon as she said. Look I was a senator from California I've been to the border I'd know these issues but she's gonna continue to get pressed on this. Yes she likely will and she's also getting some criticism from Democrats over her comments yesterday in Guatemala when she told people there. Do not come to United States to seek asylum what some push back then from her own party. Yeah congresswoman Alexandra press you Cortez said those remarks were disappointing that people have a legal right to seek asylum at the border. The ACLU as well. Responded to her directly saying people have a right. To seek a silent. And look the administration doesn't have a good answer on this. They say that eventually they want people to be able to apply for asylum. In country but the reality is they can't right now so some mixed messaging where the administration is saying they understand people are trying to seek asylum. Man they want there to be avenues. But right now they're still telling people not to come and I think they're gonna continue to get a lot of pressure from. Democrats and human rights organizations about what the avenues are today to seek asylum. Mary Alice parks are pouring in for us from Mexico City our thanks to you Mary Alice.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"ABC News’ MaryAlice Parks reports from Mexico City on Vice President Kamala Harris’ two-day trip to Central America and Mexico focused on the causes of the migrant surge. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"78163284","title":"Vice President Harris wraps up Latin America trip","url":"/International/video/vice-president-harris-wraps-latin-america-trip-78163284"}