Violent protests in Paris

Witness describes terrifying moments caught on camera.
2:13 | 12/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Violent protests in Paris
Send what was going on here. Sold is going on here at the BP to tear right it was chaos trying to break the windows and a fatal windows with they had no love to get and on and from there they just start breaking filled lightbulbs from up here. Can't you see the the smashed glass that rise to the from to the station as he boarded up right. What were they setting vehicles a lot pet you can smell. Yeah right you lose strong smell of gasoline yes I'll still as the they were sitting I would say right here where Joseph was it was. A little bit after Joseph it was maybe about fortified motorcycle they had. Pulled out of the motorcycle rap and lined up here and then they starts try to set them on fire. And then finally do that was from gasoline. Now gasoline and they finally were able to set one of them on fire and and from there they start moving forward to start flipping over cars. The good neutron. Barry Osama Yasser more than didn't walk a booming we'll play them to block with about a burning barricades for the the blocked the police and the fire to get carried out put out of there umpire. And that clear that we lose awaits his yeah they start clearing in this outs about one. 1:45 AM a case in this is where some of blockade is doing on it looks like there's a charred remain of one in the market talk about what fat on fire. That acts he was left to that were subpar ones are set on fire but. This what is still here and if you can see across the way there this ruined his compass of another motorcycle still on the other side of the men they had pulled the motorcycles from right here. From this area from this run down. While cool people down. And then from there they start pushing rolling over cars they've all the work far from back here and they rolled over cheap cars up and fight and he was well. Conducive to and the police came from which direction. All the police came from in this direction because Seattle has let them clashing yeah but they accede that oxy when the time that believe the police came. They have already kept moving forward to kick to create chaos that stretched Russert so they never climbed anyway they weren't religious schools into yes. A nights or memorize a night to remember yes maybe want to forget never never no never.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"Witness describes terrifying moments caught on camera.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59590423","title":"Violent protests in Paris","url":"/International/video/violent-protests-paris-59590423"}