Vladimir Putin Will Do Whatever it Takes to Secure Sochi Olympics

Russian president discusses the worries over increased terror threats leading into the 2014 winter Olympics.
3:00 | 01/20/14

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Transcript for Vladimir Putin Will Do Whatever it Takes to Secure Sochi Olympics
This is a special room. I'm Dan -- -- New York where this ABC news digital special report new security concerns at the Sochi Olympic Games in Russia and Islamic militant group is threatening an attack. On a newly released video and now US officials are worried the games may not be safe for American tourists or for athletes. BC's haven't washed up on the latest on the threat now joins us. With more on that DeVon. He -- -- that massive security apparatus that's been built up around the game -- in its first major test today. In the city that something of a transportation hub for the Olympics crowds there filling the streets to celebrate the Olympic Torch. -- the Olympic Torch arrived in global broad brush -- the city were twin suicide bombings killed dozens of -- It's just a few weeks ago. Despite the festive mood tensions are high in advance to the Olympic Games set for next month in nearby Sochi new video released by an Islamist militant group appears to show that two terrorists responsible for the attacks. The group warns this is just the beginning in the tape the -- promise a surprise package for those who come to the Olympics. In response Russian officials released their own video showing Russian forces raiding a suspected terrorist stronghold. Russian president Vladimir Putin insists they're doing everything they can to prevent an attack. Literature to -- that the job of the Olympics hostess to ensure security of the participants in the Olympics and visitors -- we will do what ever attacks. But US officials say Russia's assurances leave something to be desired. They're not giving us the full story about what are the threat streams who do we need to worry about. Are those groups the terrorist groups who have had some success. Are they still plotting and the others have been missing gap and you never want that when you go into something. I think is important as the Olympic Games. Along in the short of it is that I think Vladimir Putin and the Russian government will be very lucky if they're able to get through the Olympics without an incident. ABC news has learned Russian police are urgently searching throughout Sochi for a possible suicide bomber who made it inside that security ring. The face of a 22 year old woman. It's plastered around town -- so did we know about that effort but what about the larger plan the security blanket so far what the Russians are doing. While that interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos over that we -- Russian president Vladimir Putin calling it a ring of steel around so she. 80000 troops in town they're all ready every single phone call and email message in -- out of the city are being monitored by intelligence services. At top US lawmaker of one of the congressional Intelligence Committees is in town to -- -- to really to review that apparatus. He's calling -- team US a to have a very robust evacuation plan in place in case they need to get out there. As -- -- waiting to see how of that will be developing -- ABC seven to our Washington Devin thank you for that. For more on the story I want to bring in ABC's -- Roddy involve agog focus -- Russia. Karen Russian president letter -- -- critical security claims there how vital. Are the Olympics for prudent and for Russia -- mean politically speaking. -- this is a big deal for for Russia and for Vladimir Putin personally. He went to Guatemala 2007 to personally lobby the International Olympic Committee -- put the games in Russia he -- his reputation on this. And the last thing he wants is a terror attack through that and I understand the -- just passed through -- graves not far from where -- at. Describe a little bit about the security presence there. He likes to say I was pretty surprised because it was a pretty light security presence around the towards itself. You know I was in in the US in 1996 when the Atlanta torch was going through and it looks pretty similar to me. You had the leaks on the corners and police on the street but. Nobody really heavily armed -- there -- military people or dogs out or anything like that now we need a little farther beyond that there were buses of police waiting of course if anything were to happen. But it didn't get in the way the atmosphere people were cheering and waving -- arms and despite the single digit freezing temperatures people look like -- having been time well what about the specific threat coming from this video that do we have any idea where it came from who made this. Well there's a group that's claiming responsibility in that video there dancing group that we haven't necessarily seen in Russia -- -- a group. Normally associated with the Middle East so the question is -- brought a lot of US officials that I've spoken to is. -- the who this group are they actually. Targeting rush. For the for more importantly are they targeting the Olympics. And and how has Russia dealt with -- threats like this in the past. Well they've been roundly criticized for -- their responses to terror attacks in the past. They tend to have very heavy handed -- Response there -- Talking years ago when terrorists took over a theater. And of course the Russians went in and -- the theater they didn't have -- ready for the for the victims that were inside for the for the hostages and everybody was killed. Obviously not -- -- about any kind of political pressure. But why did Russia -- Sochi for the location of the Olympics and it is so close to. Separatist regions -- that could potentially have some have a conflict -- like Obama. Well such is a pretty nice -- actually would you go there -- there was an old Soviet beach resort actually which is what makes it's so crazy the way that they would hosted there. You know just but I was there in November you had people still on the beach and it's not something you would normally associated with the Winter Olympics. But it is a town that has a long history is being the Soviet beach resort and world Putin likes to go on vacations it was an important -- for him personally. And I think he thought this is beautifully unique opportunity a place. That would have. A warm climate for people down in the stadium area and end -- in the mountains you've got. Great skiing up there. It let me ask you about this -- because the security. Being first and foremost. An assurance that everything will be done in this this this ring of steel. That President Putin has said. What about any kind of evacuation any kind of a contingency plans should something happen or those details being released or at least. Acknowledge they've there in creation. -- -- -- Of course exists but they nobody's. US -- licensing has. -- come up with their own evacuation when they confronted with a private firms to hire five planes to be all -- there you know -- the runway ready to go in case anything happens to come -- and pick them up to evacuate in case an emergency. Of course all eyes on the security -- for that and the countdown to the Olympics just a couple of weeks away. ABC's care raw idea involving rod for us this afternoon Carrie thank you so much appreciate it. We have a complete report has the count on this continue to Sochi Winter Olympics for here -- abcnews.com. Brown down Cutler New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Russian president discusses the worries over increased terror threats leading into the 2014 winter Olympics. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"21601425","title":"Vladimir Putin Will Do Whatever it Takes to Secure Sochi Olympics","url":"/International/video/vladimir-putin-takes-secure-sochi-olympics-21601425"}