Tsunami Photos Get Second Shot at Life

Volunteers from around the world restore photos damaged in Japan's tsunami.
2:48 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for Tsunami Photos Get Second Shot at Life
It began as a short volunteer trip now it's turned into a calling I've never found anything -- what expect my site. Becky Manson was working as a professional Greek culture -- high fashion ads in New York when disaster in horse struck Japan. Nearly eight months later she's helping we build communities one photo at a time. Often it's not about the fight turned out to us about the story -- -- -- -- There's the graduation -- The new board and she can -- -- step by sticking. That talent festival in happier times this sense of community -- -- accident in the -- found -- isn't my thing that he put her career on hold. -- -- it instantly air pictures damaged by the tsunami. Dozens of volunteers helped clean them but there were so many more than half a million pictures. -- needed help so she turned to friends just. Push thanks for things that you know if I did this would -- -- you help me out. And I -- about 2530 people in about fifteen Antonio for the fight me set yet for granted -- -- She began by scanning images in Japan emailing them to friends abroad. It wasn't long before the twenty volunteers. Turned in to 400. Digital -- tractors from India to Afghanistan. Every state in the US offered to help. And I think it's a great way for. -- -- to use their skills to really help you want a personal level. And cultural level Jesse culturally we created deet tails of this brides -- -- from New York -- U modest family photos staying after she tried to wash the -- -- himself. Thanks to every time actors in Singapore Australia -- ready to be framed again. Not every photo can be rescued gains over here aren't. The meeting park home -- -- the works that good from the band. It concluded point sometimes that you just kinda have to sit down fuhrman's. Think. -- -- -- -- -- The clean photos are displayed at a temporary library where survivors searched for familiar faces. Volunteers have cleaned a 100000 photo so far. He touched nearly 300. -- it's. They help troubled and she got to reconnect. With the hometown she no longer. France and that this could -- benefited and then my home was washed away I lost everything. But this is isn't miracles -- cents. Becky considers it a -- Becoming a hot apple Japan with so much I haven't -- -- from. -- -- Fujita ABC news because in -- -- Japan.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"Volunteers from around the world restore photos damaged in Japan's tsunami.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"14913356","title":"Tsunami Photos Get Second Shot at Life","url":"/International/video/volunteers-restore-photos-damaged-in-japan-tsunami-14913356"}