Whale stranded in River Thames

Scientists concerned beluga nicknamed 'Benny' won't find its way back to sea.
2:49 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Whale stranded in River Thames
Oh there is. Skies that's Fannie that's in the legal I'm calling injury you're watching ABC news but. We're not in grays and it's an hour and a half from London on the Thames river and that's the first. Belinda well you just stop the first illegal well in the Thames in history or about twenty miles from open water from the North Sea. I'm he's been around here for about 24 at 36 hours at sizes and he's beating actually. Around that barge. Yeah Netflix and Mac of that camera shutter a lot of very seriously wildlife watchers lot of bird watchers unit received wells who traveled for hours. I'd take a less and Harry. Let's see something different. Thing in which the C. News. Button and the sea well simple and are seeing good causes them to. To those who hidden reasons. Things. Those witnesses the business. Kerry is pretty excited about his first well we also spent within an art and mart is thirteen it is a Wednesday. He might think at the school today. It is take a lesson. I mean does it did this B. It's since coming and it's like what have you guys get here what's it. Two hours ago. Shots. Days. Rule for the faith. Explain to me what it looks like pipes that. It's like Shea. I think. Oh. And why they think it Kai Benny got lots. They occasionally. Feed in any street east. And the hostages who lost his way patton's case. Nady hear helicopters overhead as well the concern is that this well actually won't. Turn around in swim back out to open sea conservationists and ecologists are asking everyone members of the public serious bird watchers anyway ouster really stay away give the whale's space. I'm actually in a little. Guide pat that you can't see right now that's been basically keeping a little perimeter around that well. Denny I don't know if we mentioned his name south the hope is now and he actually turns in south around gets the thin that he needs. Beluga whales actually dias wouldn't sometimes in shallow river than an aunt she raised through an open now that banning the bullet had turned himself brand gas at got to open water. And finds his way back to much colder waters act in Greenland and Arctic. Where he came Fran we will keep an eye on is very important very exciting story. I'm Holly Hunter in graves and you're watching ABC is I've.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Scientists concerned beluga nicknamed 'Benny' won't find its way back to sea.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58102027","title":"Whale stranded in River Thames","url":"/International/video/whale-stranded-river-thames-58102027"}