Witness reacts to London terror attack

ABC News' James Longman speaks to Londoners at a vigil for the victims of the London terror attack.
6:17 | 06/05/17

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Transcript for Witness reacts to London terror attack
Hello everyone and welcome to FaceBook live stream ABC news I'm. James Longman in Central London and we have just come to the end of the vigil full face he died in the attacks on Saturday hit in London grates on London Bridge which is. If you can just make it out. Just down that this is the rivets hands are right on the river another that is London Bridge done. Where. When the attack took place now seven people and bush he lost their lives a number of others is still critically when they don't still. And and it's affected a lot of people and a lot of people from London wanted to come down and pay their respects. We just heard from the Madeleine Sadiq Khan and he spoke briefly but he just said that. People in London were united against extremism he has made any mention by the way of the remarks that Donald Trump has made on tweets criticizing him. These people to rise about that in just get on the his job that's what people close to him have been saying. We also wanted to talk with people who have come down to this vigil to who've been showing that paying their respects and one of them is. Richard Angel thank you so much for joining us bridge sits and you didn't just come down to pay respects if you actually witnessed. What went on on sauce tonight. We were in the middle of our mark having dinner with that group of friends we of the table nearest the dual and suddenly. If realized that the security from the market was playing well the dual dock and colleagues and these young man what awaits us in the rest on. On the high heat and under the works dumped at the door open for an and it weight behind it to block people turned the tables and chance we'll they could to get site. I was able to look Hopkins evils of the dial that throwing its people to notables that's on it turns out it's heroic man who witnessed these rule. I would leave people stopping this young woman and some balls up that he talks by the leaflets he'd laugh at anything to make them stop. I don't talking sort going walking Allen the woman with a Republican plot holdings now. Clearly having been stopped and we hope people of one of the seven that we're remembering by an adult away. That's I think feel silently. We talked with important for the rest on site. That's the story. Available to people calm that we. Provides managed feel about me was going through mine but this is going around. Dissolve the admiral with McCain's site much offended only to Saudi have to kind of take controlling this will live on this first language with. It is Steve restrooms I do but it is tourists having you know what there is some of the people who work scandals will speak English to that the language that people some kind of order. Eventually the least Kenyon makes. They'd be areas gun shops went off which is pretty scary. They did gain a third time in the can smoke officials at all but under the tonight I'm told by the expert was just eight minutes these people did that pretty special don't. And off about half an hour lockdown we were right and I'm sorry you know we're keeping your in his brain this is London. And but book grant Bassett this house ethics. They're doing the does that sit there isn't it it's it is a great city news and as does mostly come down and tonight what did you feel that he wants to come to that. Well first uneasy about the rest of them went pay my bill I don't hit based off he thought about allies and analyze we expect. I'm out of a matter not want to stop behind him tonight because. I think Donald Trump's giving up people a victory today density homes have been the unity of London when it let these people change our way of life. They handle will malts. Change voiced by about London on diversity and richness of the community. I'm quite frankly getting out having gin and tonics to your friends lefty with handsome man. I'm hanging around with strong women is lost and these people think not they want to keep up or fax them to do more and not less and I'm but people come to London. To come and come to those wonderful wrestles. In borrow market because they see the crazy on and I think the unity via. People from every fight every background old I'm young my mom's coming to London this you wanted to hug off to woods. But to see I'm eyewitness to the seven people. Could it could mean they wanted to just enough Bristol Bristol and that's why it's important to show that London declined to show an organ department to show that that it was elected five million londoners found them speak through fox. Thanks so much until two months. And you can guy and maybe get out of the strain everyone else is trying to and Mike Richards had so many people have come down eight to pay their respect tonight as two lovely ladies you have. Wait till this time to talk them Sicily and southern plains and does get thank you so much to mole londoners as have been sank. Just the why did you feel the need it. I'm dogs might come I think it's a slight as a human conduct clinical sense of shock. To keep the continent's receive built in London good sense of community coming together like that about times that we didn't like. You have to call one listening to government tests it's about time. And when you soul the man when you resource has become speaking. When did not just Hillary eighteen year old yes I annual communal may be involved in politics a month and an eye when you see someone that does not make you feel something. And yet if it's compounds that equipment like consistent with the district receives a bit on the book right now. I don't think it's not a good scene assist the amendment is that an annual minutes I miss them ethnic minority Kurds and I anymore I think I'm not a slow. Is backing those voters that he's back estimates of vigorous ones and Steve someone might not it would be inspired and. I just wanna to us injury just goes on in the rain as I'm sorry it's taken a look people higher in the wondering. It is safe is under the safe place and I mean do you feel safe to fill worried defense Garrett. I am gone off in London is tied. Little more that you didn't he feel unsafe division. Agnes. Any. I think if in OK now I know got designs in London. On. As a and yet it. It's. It's that. Fifth yeah. I mean thank you so much that is testing does you gonna get out of the rain and so wait time but thank you so much for watching. Please stay with ABC news the for the merriment from London I'm James moment things scenes.

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{"duration":"6:17","description":"ABC News' James Longman speaks to Londoners at a vigil for the victims of the London terror attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"47846313","title":"Witness reacts to London terror attack","url":"/International/video/witness-reacts-london-terror-attack-47846313"}