World Cup Fans Expect Epic Match Between Germany and Brazil

Teams prepare to battle for the right to move on to the championship game.
10:38 | 07/08/14

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Transcript for World Cup Fans Expect Epic Match Between Germany and Brazil
Flying over Brazil -- the question will the Brazilians be brought low by the Germans in today's first World Cup semi final. Everyone I'm Dan Cutler and new York and this -- 2014 World Cup pre show. That meant take a look no one in the picture and increasingly. On the -- will -- the -- today their usual skipper. Tiago Silva suspended. -- -- -- -- weeks and he scored this sparkling. Goal in the quarterfinal against Colombia today though the task a bit more challenging. -- record AMR on the lineup no chance of return after this suffering an ugly injury. July 4 now the Brazilian team for the second time this World Cup has brought in a sport psychologists this time. To help deal with that blow. Manager -- fully Briscoe are speaking about his team's weight forward saying this -- Now it's up to us to do our share myself the other players and all the -- people. -- playing this match not for ourselves but for our country everything we ever dreamed up but also rename our everything. Done for us so. -- -- -- audio -- -- something motivation obviously we say say it will not be an issue for so -- Germany on the other hand might present a few. Let's take a look at best of both teams and World Cup sixty semifinal -- -- Yeah yeah. It's okay. The good sides of the. And so it is the excitement and sixty there I want to live not to -- or is on short -- Wall Street Journal sports reporter Josh Robinson. This morning Josh -- an inspiring prose poetry from the bad news this newspaper O Globo. Publishing an actual home and they -- and our destiny. That fair to say that it's kind of intense maybe some herbs in Brazil this morning right. This is -- it's quiet here. The. And the final EC IO. -- The it is hard on the -- that -- it -- people. This is it later. -- -- And that our -- in the stadium. ABC appeared. Giving him. Eight. The to be fair -- early terror but. B sixty out here I just before -- any further where are you a sound like you're in settling an airport terminal based on the announcements in the background. I'm actually in the stadium in her zones. Op all right so -- I was have no control over the announcements we will roll with the punches that's all right -- Louise that's gonna get -- -- today what are the changes that. Are we expecting to see what name are out on the injured list in the usual captain got a -- pulled out. Will that be when he's gonna beat. You to take that -- -- -- the one they call that does -- step here. They're talking about Oskar use another -- -- playmaker -- make a lot of sense that she's been playing on the right -- -- -- the middle take a moral. And probably brilliant -- minute -- -- -- Oscar. Planks. But for fans this is not the Brazil team that Sony people have idolize -- even idealize. Over the years I mean they win. It's not always pretty. But the question meaning that they note that route today against a -- talented German team. -- Exactly -- -- -- is gone directly actually more physical style and a lot of resentment and like schools. Sure nobody took things as we've been -- it's sort of past twenty years. -- Oregon's dream inspiring soccer since the eighties. But he's determined team. Not one that's gonna -- in -- this way this is. They sort of abandoned it really fast -- east exciting soccer than me in such great team best six and World -- They're also going more. And it won their last three games by just one goal -- -- had just shutting things down. Dig a little bit deeper inside result a lot of head games on inside that camp there two times now bring in a sports psychologist first. It was to tamp down. The emotion now reportedly to help the players get over missing name -- Concerns this team could crumble in fact if something goes wrong early on in the game. And it's it's hard to say because -- them. It's team in it believes but he looked -- it will be before the penalty shoot out against Chile which -- says everybody. My goodness this is this is not a team -- prepared to hold its nerve and take -- -- But -- they come through Julio -- too big saves. They. They survived one of the toughest things in soccer in front of their home fans. So it's big it's really tough to read our emotional scenes Douglas Silva talks about exit to just -- and it's just how these units. That they can channel that ensued and -- to be the best face so far it's -- Some interest -- -- -- from the enemy essentially the Germans -- that they are just as disappointed as anyone at Kmart is out. We're gonna take them at their work for that the house like it'll affect airline. It's certainly opens up a couple of responsibilities of the guys in the field who would normally be shut and lock. The same jump start Middle -- here because Oscar doesn't talk back element of and showed -- -- -- -- turning game but X. But these Easter means very professional way to go about their business advocate against France. Which is probably one of the -- -- -- mr. -- early this. -- -- -- before -- let -- -- judge this is probably the most accurate way to describe my ability to predict a winner on this there is a turtle in Brazil picking. The Brazilians to win. In Germany -- -- elephant kicking picking the Germans two questions out there one reptilian won the million. When Chris -- psychic animals. Become such homers. It's hard to say that. Governments -- their own what was his name -- quote Paul the octopus streets and new correctly guidance Maine home. I think we're also not hearing about EE non patriotic -- adults. Thought it was gonna story. I'll put you on the spot then give me your -- for today. It would be fun to big risk dill and honestly. Little scared of what might happen this town of Brazil loses himself in a -- -- are just -- Robertson live from Brazil it -- enjoy the game and thank you as. Always not it is not all fun and games in Brazil this morning because police there are now investigating a major World Cup ticket scams. So far they have detained the British chief executive hospitality firm -- we -- Is accused of leading network selling illegal game passes. BBC's chief sports correspondent -- Rollins and Rio de Janeiro was more. Produce national -- wheat and beans and ceremonies he detained. And -- -- news Copacabana palace hotel the city's most prominent and most exclusive address. -- -- -- this top officials are staying for the duration of the World Cup. We -- is a senior executive -- -- defeat this official business partners. He's being questioned over his links to a -- running a huge World Cup tickets down. The -- sort of been operating for the last full World Cup's obtaining and selling as many as 1000 tickets come out. Prosecutors said they could -- made as much as fifteen million pounds this tournament alone. For several days -- -- police had insisted someone from close to or inside fifa must have been involved. Because of the number of VIP and hospitality tickets being made available. Yeah. Its -- The crimes that he's been accused of facilitating the distribution of tickets to be sold by -- because the penalty of four years in prison. And also -- offensive criminal association. The -- the that it could. Fifa has insisted its high tech named ticketing policy makes looking -- reselling almost impossible. The -- tournament is its timeouts the demand -- -- black market tickets and the opportunity for criminal gangs to make vast profits is huge. -- today this BBC news. -- one last reminder on the menu today -- tomorrow this World Cup final. We're still in Germany can you know before eastern coverage begins -- ESPN and watch ESPN at 3 o'clock saying planned for tomorrow. Argentina and the Netherlands will close out -- how bracket. In Sao -- This has been ABC's coverage of the 2014 World Cup. A day's gains in real hot -- dominant. App Store the store -- -- updates on the go. -- -- -- --

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{"id":24468689,"title":"World Cup Fans Expect Epic Match Between Germany and Brazil","duration":"10:38","description":"Teams prepare to battle for the right to move on to the championship game. ","url":"/International/video/world-cup-2014-brazil-germany-semifinal-preview-fans-24468689","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}