World Leaders Address Counterterrorism at Nuclear Summit

ABC News' Arlette Saenz reports from the White House where the president is meeting with world leaders at the Nuclear Summit.
7:16 | 03/31/16

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Transcript for World Leaders Address Counterterrorism at Nuclear Summit
He wanted to that's where the top story. Today with a live report unit at its nuclear summit it's going on in Washington DC hosted by President Obama it's that fourth one that he's hosted but here it. Is taking on increased scrutiny insignificant because of recent events for more on that we want to bring in our our colleague Bartlett and joins us live. From our Washington DC here right rather outside the White House he's joining us our lack. Health headlines are from their effect while work. At 22 presidents fourteen prime ministers and white really bad traffic jam here in DC offer the Nuclear Security Summit this is taken on heightened new concern. After the attacks in Brussels last week. The main focus for these world leaders is going to be preventing terrorists from acquiring. Nuclear weapons earlier this week deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes said that they are certain that ice is wants to acquire nuclear weapons just like al-Qaeda and and many people are now concerned after those attacks in Brussels. About terrorists trying to acquire material for dirty bombs. Now tomorrow there's actually going to be a special session on crisis the White House as this was something it was planned. Back in in January but is taken on new interest given those attacks in Brussels last week. Also another big focus is going to be North Korea and their nuclear capabilities president Obama's meetings today largely focused on that he'll be meeting. With Asian leaders that president South Korea. The prime minister of Japan and China. Where this issue of North Korea is certainly going to come out. And later tonight he's gonna post thirteen a world leaders here at the White House for dinner actually saw them already grilling some chicken over by the White House. And they're gonna continue that talk about nuclear weapons here. OK let's talk a who is not coming now I did the app Pakistani prime minister decided not to come because of the recent tragedy. In Lahore the terrorist attacks there he decided to stay behind and sent someone else in his place. But Russia's leaders also deciding not to come what happened the fallout from Putin's announcement that he will not. That's right Russia actually attended the past three summits that this here they're going to be in no show the US and Russia obviously have had a very tense relationship a lot of this stemming largely from Russia's involvement in Syria. But reportedly the reason they're boycotting this here. Is due to the conflict in Ukrainian disagreements over that the White House is saying that this is a missed opportunity for Russia but they also point out that Russia has been very involved. In the nonproliferation Cox but a lot of experts are saying that. Russia's decision to not come actually could keep any major breakthroughs from happening here Russia has a very large. Stockpile of new nuclear weapons and their experts say that their presence here would have helped us secure sent management's. Our lead as this campaign season has certainly taken a lot of things. Taking the focus a lot of things Donald Trump is looming over this summit. And we're going to quickly go to a clip and have you respond from the other side of Donald Trump being grilled. Yesterday by endless NBC's Chris Matthews regarding whether or not he would use nuclear weapons. I don't know it's a nuclear president's dogs are just a bigger question was asked we're talking about NATO which by the US is obsolete would you not hoped to discern made agent talked about I don't think I think Weller did some they may be. Why should anybody of course it's rarely just it wherever we drop a nuclear it was literally stinks right somebody hits us with a nice to see. You wouldn't fight back with an hour to drop an eleven to a community of people against it. Kissel you don't wanna say take everything off the table just do their negotiators you do just nuclear. Look nuclear should be off the table. But would there be a time when it could be as pop. Possibly the trouble is when you said that when the whole world heard David Cameron of Britain heard the Japanese were we bomb them reported covered. They're hearing a guy running for president stays talking of maybe using nuclear weapons nobody wants to hear that a lot of American friends that we make him what do we make we have been visiting elderly assured destruction with Reagan hated just try to sort of I was just erect I'd be the last one to use the new clue so giving out samples out of like the end of and you tell the middle age Wright is a nuclear weapon and analysts say that I would never take any of my car just the thing about Europe we want using your right I'm not gonna take it -- the day you might use in Europe. No yeah. I don't think so open I'm not just and I never use hot and Europe. I am not taking caught so off the deadlock could easily excited but I'm not taking the cards the trouble is the same people here you in the end same people are not affected by your threats that's the trouble. The real fanatics like I didn't I think him more affected than you might think. So our mothers like Clinton is there any word so far that this indeed will be affecting the summit are the world leaders going to be confronting President Obama with Donald something. I'm sure the world leaders are definitely going to be asked about his comments especially what he's sad about not taking. Possibility of using nuclear weapons. In year out he also is this that the summit just comes at a really interesting time when it comes to politics just last week he suggested that South Korea and Japan should actually. Build up a nuclear arsenal. And the White House says about actually have a destabilizing effect today the president's going to meet with South Korean president park. And Japan's prime minister on day so we'll see if that comes up. But I AM pretty certain that when the White House is playing in the summit they didn't think that Donald Trump was going to be looming large over at. And some his statements recently will certainly come up in the coming days. I let apartment that you go give us a quick hit a sort of what would be fixed fast for the president in this administration at the end of this summit the last one gets to host asked president. So what are they looking for at the end of the two day. What do you want to secure some commitments from other countries that they are going to keep this a priority when the president. Leaves office he wants to make sure that they are may keen. Some commitments on cyber security protecting nuclear energy sites. As you said this is the fourth and final wine and President Obama really wants to make sure that he is going to get the same commitments. From these countries once he leaves office. And our look at the end of the summit today there's gonna. And others some bilateral meetings the trilateral meetings of the end of it there's a dinner planned all the world leaders planned to hopefully celebrate some sort of announcement or is it. Little bit fastened just preliminarily will be a nice time of the engines of that chicken and can grow. I think it. Well it's considered a working dinner city's thirty world leaders look under the White House where they'll certainly get to dine on nice meal but they also I'll just talk about some of the commitments that they're hoping to secure and talking about I ridding the world a little bit more nuclear weapons but now it no official announcement expected today tomorrow there's going to be a few more plenary sessions. And at the end present Obama's public press conference so we'll see what he asked when house there. I felt Bartlett after this year we noticed the fourth one that President Obama has hosted will let me continue to meet these kind of summit to this it's that they that the leaders are planning on continuing to do over the years ahead are lit. Depend on who comes into the White House. It's all gonna depend on his hemmings the White House next this is the final summit under President Obama I since he was the one who initiated it. But we'll have to see at I imagine Hillary Clinton would probably want to follow many of the same steps. As present Obama but what they're going to be questions and we have president trump what he would make it about us. All right that it ABC islands and joining us live from the White House there in Washington DC with an inside as the nuclear summit thanks so much island. All right sadistic things to watch will be bringing you any of those related live events of course as they happen right here.

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{"duration":"7:16","description":"ABC News' Arlette Saenz reports from the White House where the president is meeting with world leaders at the Nuclear Summit. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"38059945","title":"World Leaders Address Counterterrorism at Nuclear Summit ","url":"/International/video/world-leaders-address-counterterrorism-nuclear-summit-38059945"}