The world meets baby Archie

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan took to Instagram Wednesday to announce the name of their newborn son: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.
2:42 | 05/09/19

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Transcript for The world meets baby Archie
Hey I did it well that and winds that you'll watching. ABC news live what today it's been probably one of the biggest days in the baby's classic story Monday of course is that they that the back. Was announces hi Megan had a little boy but today we saw him for the last time wheels say finally lent his name. Ought she Harrison on bass and winds he was little guy came in a Monday morning seven pounds three ounces. And weasel him today with his proud parents Maggie and irate introducing him to the buzz. In that fatal up tens of them gushing with pride mag and radiating the joys of motherhood as she said that it was. Magic experiencing being a parent. For the last time Harry letting out a little bit of his cheeky aside proudly gives adding that his bus bones on already had a little bit of facial hat. But that the parents of that dot this logic has had a very sweet temperament at the last few days he's Barry relaxed and very happy. Just as his parents and that this is the bus on that we've seen Magid in only six weeks since you went. On Mets had as he leaned. She lets happy and relaxed as she addressed the cameras she was wearing a beautiful old white friends dress by grace. Wales bond now she is an upcoming British design she's also just like Megan. Biracial a father is Jamaican mother was present so pretty nice touch. By mag and selecting a British decided to make a big name it and now we also then that little odd scene does not out. A tight though he did his full name odd she. Harrison Mountbatten Windsor comes without. A formal style of Tyson look that he will not be at HRH that's his royal highness. At least what now and it was shortly. Opted that critical with the wells needed at higher in Magid west of away. To meet the queen the fuss official meeting with a member of the oil company the queen of course she was seeing him as eight. Great grandchild. Say it no shortage of play dates. But this autopsy on of course that image to clip doesn't of the day that beautiful it's. A power and make an inch reducing him to the queen. Did you could Edinburgh Prince Philip was that and also lovely to see mechanism of that D'auria arrived and watching on so that day a special day. Of the the day the wilds got to see you Nestle baby for the last time and all of the things to come we will obviously see him. Very soon and three others christening one will land. Hit his god parents opt. Say it for more coverage on babies suspects who mean now name to be little baby out she stay with us on ABC news lives on and on and reporting from when.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan took to Instagram Wednesday to announce the name of their newborn son: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"62923883","title":"The world meets baby Archie","url":"/International/video/world-meets-baby-archie-62923883"}