Worldwide leaders to meet at G7 summit this weekend

Leaders across the world will discuss topics such as climate change, global economy and human rights at the global summit in Biarritz, France.
3:41 | 08/23/19

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Transcript for Worldwide leaders to meet at G7 summit this weekend
And we move overseas to France where the president will be joining world leaders at the G-7 summit this weekend in in case you didn't know the seven countries are France the UK. Japan Germany Italy Canada. And the US these meetings didn't go so well last year with president trump. Failing to agree on major issues including climate change so we shall see mud. Our Meredith McGraw is there now. Ahead this weekend's summit. So Meredith good to see you before we even talk about this on the beautiful scene behind you there living your best life. Think that if gore exists now hardship assignment here. A lot of talk about the summit on what are the major objectives what are they trying to accomplish this near. Even she's fat and is off and likened to and dysfunctional family reunion. As group of seven leaders from around the world descend on the ritzy resort town of Biarritz France not far from here. They're facing serious global issues like trade terror is on the global economy. A ride North Korea and it more global national security issue is but. With that too they are all traveling here with their own domestic. Political baggage. Ideas that be kind seat from that it Elliott just recently resigned that prime minister Boris Johnson is going to make his international debut here as he tries to. Hash out a Braxton deal before Halloween. And of course the biggest factor all this is going to be president trump and what exactly he will bring to. This meeting here as they tried Eilat hash out everything from. Trade two security issues. Yet and merit is do we have an idea what the president's goals are here this weekend. The president comes that. Ready to address the full agenda here the economy and of course like I sad tackling things like a rhyme. And North Korea at by the president also signal that he's not afraid to go his own way as he remembering years past. I had some critic Ted have called the G-7 the Jean. Six plus Weiner the G-7 minus one because the president from the sanity to break with a group especially on things like climate change president tramp I. Is is coming here tomorrow and of course I it will be. I median. Way eyes six different world leaders according to the White House and he seems the most excited about median. With the United Kingdom sports Johnson not to be their first one on one median and the president said that he's hoping. To potentially reach a trade deal with Johnson. And Meredith before we go you mention the economy and he's still tweeting about it this morning. Do you feel like then the mixed signal that he's been sending will come up during these talks. It's certainly presidents from. The entire week has been sending mixed signal than is meant going against his own administration the event's. I know how he plans to and drags. What could be a potential recession back in the United States. The president tweeted this morning that the economy is strong and guide whereas the rest of the world is not doing so well. And it potential flight until his G-7 allies here and despite this the fake news media act. I is working overtime to convince the people that we are going into recession and there have been real warning sign that that is the direction the US economy is going in and and there were rumors that the president made high. Do a tax cut to potentially stave off some of that bank he said he's not planning on doing that even going against that we had been hearing from the White House this past week south. We'll wait and see what happens when the president arrives here tomorrow it's definitely waiting and we Chelsea so Meredith McGraw right there in France thank you so much they appreciated.

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{"duration":"3:41","description":"Leaders across the world will discuss topics such as climate change, global economy and human rights at the global summit in Biarritz, France.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65151539","title":"Worldwide leaders to meet at G7 summit this weekend","url":"/International/video/worldwide-leaders-meet-g7-summit-weekend-65151539"}