The Wrap: 4/16/14

Ferry Sinks off South Korea's Coast, Boston Marathon Hoax Suspect Charged, Royals Arrive Down Under
2:26 | 04/16/14

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Transcript for The Wrap: 4/16/14
-- -- seems off the coast of South Korea frantic efforts to rescue passengers from the stricken ferry including. Hundreds of high school kids. The very questions and then update -- shipped. That. Really quickly. -- -- the announcement told us we should stay still in a world lot of students. Two backpacks. Blown up by police -- no one was part of a hoax there is any hear him yelling at the box -- -- mosque at ground. And they just don't -- talk -- defendant was. -- -- -- and black -- I think he had -- -- of the children. At that time stated that there was video price -- -- back. Your honor isn't needed tightening its closing number right to prevent the economy one year anniversary. Plus an hour. Rain is on the brink of civil war yeah. Reports of wounded protesters. Raising fears that Washington and Moscow will use bloodshed as an excuse to invade. -- anti terrorist operation and -- wing and helicopters. Going and take back what -- these byproducts. Security officials are analyzing -- new video that shows top al-Qaeda leader. Brazenly standing in the open air in Yemen this video action was. It's fairly usual we know they can gain entry we have increasingly concerned about it. -- Cyrus recovering after she was hospitalized and forced to cancel a concert tweeting this picture from her hospital bed overnight. Caption mr. octopus -- and some amazing doctors are taking good. Good care of me the 21 year old pop star is set at Madison near allergic reaction to antibiotics. And it really aren't built hundreds gentlemen I want to know every. Hate and -- -- -- in Sydney however it's prince George who's stealing the spotlight they're calling it did Georgia affect. -- -- news. -- An Easter week surprised but of course told France's -- -- -- saint Peter's where he asked to prevent school kids and they. Like take Ryan as well -- be -- and the two boys. Never forget.

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{"id":23353945,"title":"The Wrap: 4/16/14","duration":"2:26","description":"Ferry Sinks off South Korea's Coast, Boston Marathon Hoax Suspect Charged, Royals Arrive Down Under","url":"/International/video/wrap-41614-23353945","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}