Year of the Dragon Begins

Birth rate expected to rise in a year Chinese associate with good fortune.
1:57 | 01/21/12

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Transcript for Year of the Dragon Begins
Meadowbrook elementary students are just learning about the Chinese New Year 2000. Twelve this extra special I heard on the news as a baby boom on anything. -- hospital already have. A busy work this year -- Cummings is expecting a baby girl. It's the year of the dragon and in the Asian culture that means good fortune would be named Jackie -- -- magic and they bring in the two people this kind of -- dragon only comes around every twelve years for chilling chosen her pregnancy it was a surprise. She sure she was ready for it. And young people and animation. Would be mailed fabulous falling Jennings again the thinking -- not that it's safe. Good news was even more exciting when she found out the sex of the baby. They're buying. -- have people prefer any year people prefer to have a boy and China. -- it's kind of area that meaning the dragon is the -- is that the animals on the Chinese zodiac calendar. Thinking about all the rest -- came here to first -- to talk to the owner -- you know. We looked at the calendar I'm -- the next -- -- and they do. And likable potty that it evolved shopping I will allow they don't like -- -- -- that much they -- that it's. The animals signs also give you compatible partners Lee him as a sheet. So let me ask -- -- he a year very very -- -- says you're compatible with divorce and -- What's your husband the husband isn't. Snake OK not a perfect match could be have a happy life. -- accurate meadowbrook elementary that's all these months can hope for. It is the year of the dragon but they just want healthy babies in 2012. Sarah -- of these -- and thirteen news.

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{"id":15411173,"title":"Year of the Dragon Begins","duration":"1:57","description":"Birth rate expected to rise in a year Chinese associate with good fortune.","url":"/International/video/year-dragon-begun-15411173","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}