Five Years After War Broke Out, Syrian Refugees Share Stories of Life Inside Camps

ABC News' Molly Hunter reports from a refugee base camp along the Greek and Macedonia border.
24:25 | 03/14/16

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Transcript for Five Years After War Broke Out, Syrian Refugees Share Stories of Life Inside Camps
Reminder for ABC news and we are on the Macedonian border at this razor wire fence separates grease from Macedonia. And no one is allowed over UC. The tents going all the way got his seat people's laundry UC blanket. 141000. People are camp that right here in Yemeni. Now right across this and you see the Macedonian police and they're not letting anyone last week they let out a 150. For a few days 400 even Wednesday. But every other day when people rush this fence tried to get this and they were tear gas the macedonians are turning people away. This tent city is just expansive all along the railroad tracks right app until this barbed wire fence. Let's go take a look. I don't want. No wave. At out. Didn't. You the to Germany. Not yet. How long had how many days at event here. But given yummy component. Like a medium income wanna be. There in days. Thirteen days here and what are they telling you why can't you go across the pats. Atmospheric music and equipment more adamant ability. The they say that that or there are laws they are not allowing him to go. If through. Tulip Macedonia. Completely try and daily try a different way you go over on the fence somehow. They do with how to dominant. In that it. But it. No we I'm not trying. We haven't called it yeah yeah I've looked to get at you eat but the good though because what we out how many children do you have. Against their predicament weather and nothing. And then I have three children. An egg here. Good luck to you. You know a bit DB. What the major sort. People are living an absolute filth here it's. Brutal conditions you see this sewage there you see if you order bodies and and yet they're doing. It back to provide for this many people but there's simply aren't the research. We're just walking on the rail ever had this tape back towards Greece debt backed towards. The mass tent city where everyone is stuck. Authorities say that half of every. And here are either women or children. And you just see women and children everywhere you see lots of kids ready and then some have also giggling but having fun as they do. But everyone is cold hired wet. You see all the laundry hanging. None of its dry. But I wanted them. A client. The main. Ways to end. And that vote when did you are right here. What this is that the ought to keep. It. Preventing date we've been seventeen days here and Adam Eaton where you going now. I rabbit Fannie. Because protest follows today. Department. We are trying to bite backed offense that that macedonians book via. What if they've been telling you what of the macedonians been telling you why can't you get through. It's him and advocate. And a low on them that. We don't know we have known. And after Macedonia went to Germany. One. It. And child well good luck to you get Alexia. We aren't they want to put through Germany we don't want to put do. Methadone that we don't want to go to feel we don't want to book. To a senate yeah we want to put to Germany if that. The country that you want to be. It. I. It. It. If it. It. It. Us. It. He. It. But the we running. Our. Coming. Here. Oh. Up. It. I. I. It it. We. 00. Oh. And there. It. It. The good lack. Red carpet that's a penalty I don't. It's yet. Securing tickets think it yet. And when. Cervical. I think he. Houston. Just me. Danielle. Getting I mean you know. David win. Elaine V. No positive and healthy cat. IV it. Ben additional minutes. Dominic admits again. I. Kids are cold and tired and you can see just how far this tent city has been it. That man back there. Showing us his adorable children has been here 25. Days 25 days late getting Macedonia. And then move on we're at hopefully Austria Coakley to Germany they say. But all they want is to get out of here. We. Of the robbery. These and it changed tacks that so many have locked. Up through agrees on and we're hoping to get through Macedonia. Be you can see people it just set up camp it's right. On the train tracks not quite as that's not his eyes peeled around. Even here the conditions exist. And that's. Any. Wings mania. And feeds you just think of ET. But added I'm not. And it's years. Hello in the event here an amendment. I'm out of Iraq. You know molecular. I let him. Evidently it in my fifty to 100. (%expletive) lagging behind them up Allen. Anything. They take going up. And thanks him. Indeed. And what they Italian me like he threw it beside it. But hadn't McNamee in the John Wayne and and then put in the middle of my opinion. I. Have been home fat and. And he looked up and oh yeah allowing got to go through. And his fifth. This could. Nothing has come out and have been casino sometimes funny but that he would activity. Trying now to go out on the parent and and turn on you know and that's what we are thinking about to do that or not. Describe to meet the conditions here what is the last fifteen it's not like those that the catalog on with the equipment that you will picket. And above can't say it isn't guns and then Linda dean doesn't look that make sense that the visit and then. You know pop up as it got Alex look my beckon hadn't seen such as unemployment that big a highly. Well commitment that my son asked do you not politicians aren't bigoted. It very very. Miserable and very sad and there is not nothing that we are able to do. The month and another ethnic BM let's have an anathema thought he had yet. That the gag me on the evening. And Berrian has not stopped it we'd gotten an emblem. It's really really considered are suffering from quote major suffering area of gold and create and mud and that is an evacuation now. And wish you good luck the I'll have them on the hot and there. There is no good luck no one is asking for about. And that's the stray we've heard from every one. Absolute hopelessness even just to get out of here at their knotty. To their destination yet many are not even half late and with their journey. While most of the refugees here are Syrians there at lot of Iraqis we've it. People can Afghanistan as well. A mixture of people all year all waiting at the border hoping to crafts. Penny he. It meant. Not. Our situation. Maintenance. Who yeah. I mean. They deep. And he did that shunning this problem. If they had him yeah. Isn't. We made. Relating duped and that's what. And where you've gotten. And that's. You can't. You grade fab. Where in Syria. It that pile on even here in and that. Sent ten days here and it's I'm Molly from ABC news damage and science. Where you guy. Not billion McDonough and a and then lack loves. Vase way. Boom boom. Yet quiet riots that why is the but it its. I'm I don't know. Him. What do they tell you they give you everything. And my a my life my children. I hear in how many children. Hell it is. 55. There's see it and. New evidence of a. And it's plenty plenty ain't. Fourteenth. Since. Five. Six when did you leave it that they've been wet. Syria when did you when did you leave. I think that at that. This. This took. Human human what was it like when you left describes. You can go to your. How. Ward. They did. That he. It's what it's very bad very. With a few of them blown out of and waiting game the multi millionaire idiot and Medina division Medina. How to. Mom not mean at the that'll mean it would mean you're not not as good alone and now Connecticut gave many of them infants let them that it had the end. Civil and Kipling and a bullet. They. In this. And admit it the you don't know is that being who. And who is the act acting who have and from time. The routine frequent throat from time that the routine. So that the fewest him. Why did you leave two months why did you leave last year writing me two years ago what happened. It immediately she. This economic that if I believe out of the appellate mean this in the collection the collected they're. I've been cited. That done. At their feet and costs from both sides. It benefits he has. Often add a footnote in another house them. And how to look then at noon I'm bill hug and a little Bud Light a little odd that not. Benjamin you know its guys I ask Doug house lives health. With that eight feet under the media sometimes. If Baghdad with the that Richie and sometimes there have been. What he and I thought we suffering from both sides. Please think Germany's going to be bank expect him at Spector. But you know. A lot of laws. But CNN and now let it soup like several minutes. It's. And a month that but I think that. We anywhere on the sport is safety and security we left here because of the war this is why we let Syria. And Sheila. Good lack. Last summer when we talked to refugees. They knew a lot of that Germany they'd build a lot about Angela Merkel she was sort of the Demi got on the refugee trail. And people spoke that different cities in Germany at this point that people leaving Syria now just want out they'd just spot safety and all they care about. It's getting something is quiet and safe for their children's exactly that man says he doesn't necessarily know a lot of Germany. Even necessarily no light at. Greece or Macedonia are Oster at. But he knows he wants in Germany. And these tents just keep. Guy on Ratajczak the. Condit and it. Step while it may be. And I don't mean and that meant how about a left. Compatible. This meant. That they've but it could be yes. And the it.

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{"id":37643333,"title":"Five Years After War Broke Out, Syrian Refugees Share Stories of Life Inside Camps","duration":"24:25","description":"ABC News' Molly Hunter reports from a refugee base camp along the Greek and Macedonia border.","url":"/International/video/years-war-broke-syrian-refugees-share-stories-life-37643333","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}