Youth stage worldwide strike for climate change

Students are walking out of school to demand action on environmental issues.
2:05 | 03/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Youth stage worldwide strike for climate change
Today a number of students around the world are skipping school in order to call attention. To climate change ABC's anonymously. At one rally here in New York. I Aaron I'm here in New York City Brennan the United Nations' ability. And how much of broadcasting on my phone here's Diane NN that the camera out there we're going to seeking an eleven cents what's. Actually going on here. Now although certainly there is the sizable crowd here. The headline of the day is that tens of thousand teens and preteen. Our marching feet day in unison with a one perfect and that is the protests in action. Over climate change. Now nearly 100 countries are participating and that by its profit of organized by young leaders and barred battle like that red numbered he. Sixteen year old Swedish climate activist who. Just this week we've actually nominated for the noble peace prize in time. Aaron if I can at this march was organized group who will dock and slack left. Social media. This is a generation that it. So tech that he and frankly very good at organizing it is the same generation that gave us the march for our lives after apartment shooting now. Here that you are protecting our dependency on the fossil fuel industry urging politicians in the past policies that will ease the strain of global warming. Which many scientists agree has wreaked Havoc from our ocean for the mountain peak flow. Now one last thing I do and act. Here is 5 march comes during a very crucial time in American politics there's over a dozen people running for president. And as the campaign many voters have been meant to endorse the policies might mean you'll. Aim to reduce our detention dependency on oil. Increase our apartment but bridge and prioritize. Issues global. Aaron. ABC's armament Narsai from outside the United Nations at one of many rallies going on around the world today to call attention. A climate change.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Students are walking out of school to demand action on environmental issues.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"61712564","title":"Youth stage worldwide strike for climate change","url":"/International/video/youth-stage-worldwide-strike-climate-change-61712564"}