Wife of Charlie Hebdo Victim: Georges Wolinski Wrote 47-Year Love Story on Post-Its

Wife describes how Georges Wolinski would leave her love notes.

“Good night my darling” hangs on their bedroom door.

Hundreds of others are scattered around their apartment.

Maryse Wolinski told ABC News her husband had always written notes to her but started to do so increasingly in the past six years.

“When I was out late for work or with friends, I would come home and read his notes," she said. "I wasn’t happy when I didn’t get one!”

“He was a wonderful man,” she added. “Many of my friends were jealous of me, because he was simple, curious, a good listener.”

Maryse Wolinski always responded to the notes, and when her husband died, she found a folder with all the notes that she wrote.

Talking about her late husband is painful, she said.

“We’ve been together for 47 years, we built a life together. Losing him is like losing a part of me,” Maryse Wolinski added.

“Our couple was strong because we based our relationship on freedom and equality but also because we were different from one another,” she said.

They had the same values, she added, but not always the same ideas, especially regarding his cartoons.

She said “a couple is like a cathedral, it takes a very long time to build.”

Together, they had reached the top.