Afghans on social media demand punishment for child killers

Afghans on social media demand punishment for 2 men arrested in kidnapping, killing of little girl in Kabul

KABUL, Afghanistan -- Many Afghans are taking to social media, demanding harsh punishment for two men arrested in the kidnapping and killing of a little girl in Kabul, a case that has shaken the city's residents.

Kabul police chief Gen. Sayed Mohammad Roshandil told reporters on Wednesday that the men confessed to their crime. The two were brought before cameras during the presser, which was broadcast live.

Roshandil says the kidnappers had demanded $300,000 from the girl's father. He promised they would be dealt with speedily and according to the law.

The case has caused a stir on social media with users uploading photographs of the six-year-old girl, identified as Mahsa, who was kidnapped on Monday. Many are calling for "justice for Mahsa" and demanding authorities do a better job in protecting children.