Albania expels Russian diplomat, citing lockdown breaches

Albania has expelled a Russian diplomat for not respecting the country’s virus lockdown rules

An Albanian foreign ministry statement declared Alexey Krivosheev “person non grata,” asking him to leave the country within 72 hours.

The ministry said that since April last year there were continuous violations from the diplomat. It said Albanian authorities first contacted the ambassador but the diplomat still persisted in breaking pandemic restrictions.

“A repeated challenging of the protective rules and steps on the pandemic, and disregarding of the concern of the Albanian state institutions related to that, cannot be justified and tolerated any more,” the statement said.

The ministry did not provide details on the alleged violations, or give the post of the diplomat.

Albania has set an overnight curfew, mandatory use of masks indoor and outdoors and social distancing.

Albania resumed diplomatic ties with Moscow in 1991, 30 years after the country's then-communist regime severed previously close relations with Russia.