AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America, Caribbean

AP PHOTOS: Migrants still hope to reach U.S. despite new deal with Mexico, Chileans protests against easing confinement for rights abusers, gay couples hold mass wedding in Brazil

This photo gallery highlights some of the top news images made by Associated Press photographers in Latin America and the Caribbean that were published in the past week.

Immigrants still expressed hope of getting asylum in the U.S., though they will no longer be released into the United States while their cases play out under a new agreement between the Mexican and U.S. governments requiring them to wait instead in Mexico.

The death of a 7-year-old Guatemalan girl at a Texas hospital two days after being taken into custody by U.S. border patrol agents in a remote stretch of New Mexico desert was the latest demonstration of the desperation of a growing number of Central American families showing up at the border with Mexico.

Chilean protesters seeking continued imprisonment for state agents who murdered people during the 1973-90 dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet gathered outside Chile's Constitutional Court as it heard arguments over conditional freedom for those convicted of human rights crimes.

In Brazil, more than three dozen gay couples got married in downtown Sao Paulo, tying the knot partly out of fear that the incoming administration of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, a hard-right politician known for anti-homosexual comments, could restrict same-sex marriage.


Curated by photo editor Anita Baca in Mexico City. On Twitter: @LatDesk