Brazil court sends ex-president back to jail during probe

A Brazilian federal court is sending ex-President Michel Temer back to jail as he is investigated in several cases of alleged corruption

RIO DE JANEIRO -- Former President Michel Temer was ordered to return to jail by a federal judge Wednesday while he is investigated in several cases of alleged corruption.

Temer's lawyer, Eduardo Carnelos, told Globo Television that he could only "lament" the court's decision. He said Temer would have to present himself to authorities Thursday.

"I consider this to be an injustice. My understanding is that there are no foundations for this detention," Carnelos said.

Temer, 78, was jailed for a few days in March but then freed. He is being investigated as part of the sprawling "Car Wash" corruption probe that has ensnared many of Brazil's top politicians and business leaders. He denies any wrongdoing.

Temer became president in 2016 after President Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from office for allegedly violating rules on handling federal finances.

His administration was clouded by corruption allegations and prosecutors charged him with corruption on three occasions. But Congress' lower house never gave its consent to lifting Temer's immunity from prosecution, which Brazil's sitting presidents have.

His immunity ended when he left office Jan. 1.