Congo opposition leader rejects new president's outreach

Congo opposition leader in 1st speech since losing election rejects new president's outreach

KINSHASA, Congo -- Congo opposition leader Martin Fayulu in his first speech since losing a disputed election is rejecting any outreach by the new president, saying that when an offered hand is dirty, you don't take it.

Fayulu told hundreds of supporters who gathered in the capital, Kinshasa, that he will not resort to violence as he continues to oppose what he calls a rigged election.

He vows to tour the vast Central African nation, press the United Nations and African Union and not obey the orders of "the person we have not chosen."

Fayulu lost a court challenge to the Dec. 30 election results despite leaked data from the electoral commission showing he had easily won.

The United States and others, including many Congolese, have accepted the results in favor of stability.