France: Protesters oppose move to disband anti-migrant group

Dozens of people have rallied in Paris to support an anti-migrant group which is fighting for survival amid a French government order to dissolve it

PARIS -- Dozens of people rallied Saturday in Paris to support the anti-migrant group Generation Identity, which is fighting for survival following a government order to dissolve it.

An Associated Press reporter saw around 200 protesters at the demonstration, which was largely peaceful. Participants held flags of the movement and signs reading “Stop dissolution.” A counter-demonstration also took place in southern Paris against the controversial group.

The Lyon-based group was the backbone of a 2017 “Defend Europe” mission on the Mediterranean Seat that used a chartered anti-migrant ship crewed by European citizens.

Generation Identity has scraped through several legal battles, but at the moment it is up against French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who wants to disband the group.

The group was given 10 days to respond, and the deadline is Monday. Leader Clement Gandelin, told the AP that Generation Identity has the evidence it needs to refute the allegations. He said the group will fight to the end in court to retain the right to operate and if dissolved, “the militants will still be there.”