Explosion rocks Copenhagen tax office, injuring 1 person

Danish police say that a violent explosion has occurred outside a tax office in the capital, Copenhagen, shattering windows and damaging the building

STOCKHOLM -- A powerful explosion has occurred outside the Danish Tax Agency in the capital, Copenhagen, shattering windows, damaging the building and slightly injuring one person.

Chief Police Inspector Jorgen Bergen Skov told a news conference on Wednesday that the explosion took place Tuesday evening in an area near the Nordhavn S-train station.

Police believed the explosion was not an accident.

"It is still too early to tell who might be the perpetrators, but we take this incident very seriously and have launched an extensive investigation. We neither can nor will accept an act like this one," Skov said.

Police said that one person who was standing near the Nordhavn S-train station was lightly injured by debris and received treatment in an emergency room.