Fireworks injure 17 at Mexico town's Day of Dead celebration

Officials in Mexico say a fireworks explosion at a Day of the Dead celebration injured 17 people

ByThe Associated Press
November 6, 2022, 5:10 PM

MEXICO CITY -- A fireworks explosion at a Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico injured 17 people, authorities said Sunday.

The accident occurred Saturday in the township of Huejutla in Mexico’s Gulf coast region known as the Huasteca.

The Huejutla municipal government said residents of the village of Tehuetlan were celebrating the end of Xantolo, which is the Huasteca regional variant of the Day of the Dead. Its celebrations last beyond the normal Nov. 1-2 observance.

A pile of fireworks were set alight in the street and exploded, showering the surrounding crowd in sparks and explosions, the government said.

The township said two pregnant women and three children were among the injured. One of the girls suffered second-degree burns.

Fireworks accidents are not uncommon in Mexico.

In September, one person died and 39 were injured when fireworks exploded during a festival in a town festival just west of Mexico City.

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