French town uncouples with its Polish twin over LGBT rights

A Polish mayor has deplored the decision by a French sister city to suspend 25-year bilateral ties with her town because it declared itself an area “free of LGBT ideology

She expressed regret that severing ties will cut friendly relations among residents, as Tuchow will no longer be able to sponsor visits by people from Saint-Jean-de-Braye.

Marszalek said many in her community do not identify with the declaration adopted last year by local councilors of Poland's ruling conservative Law and Justice party.

Tuchow was among other towns in south-eastern Poland that adopted the declaration in May saying they wanted to defend themselves against “radicals ... who attack freedom of speech, childhood innocence, the authority of family and school and the freedom of businesspeople.”

The declaration came in reaction to Warsaw Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, an opposition politician, declaring the capital city supportive of the LGBT community and its rights.

Poland's ruling party and other social conservatives say they are trying to protect children and traditional families from being demoralized and corrupted by a growing gay rights movement.