Governor calls Rio de Janeiro water problems "inadmissable"

More than a week after Brazil's second-largest city began to find foul-smelling water run from its taps, the governor of Rio de Janeiro state has called the resulting disorder “inadmissable

RIO DE JANEIRO -- After days of reports of foul tasting or smelling tap water in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area, Gov. Wilson Witzel has called for analysis of the water's quality as well as management at local utility Cedae.

Dubious or foul water has been reported in dozens of neighborhoods within multiple municipalities. In some cases, the water has been reddish or brownish colored. Residents have begun hoarding bottled water as rumors of the public water supply being unfit for consumption circulated on social media.

“The company (Cedae) must accelerate its ultimate solution to improve water quality and sewage treatment in cities near the springs,” Witzel said.