General strike to disrupt services across Greece Wednesday

A 24-hour general strike called by Greece’s private and public sector unions is set to shut down most services around the country Wednesday

ByThe Associated Press
November 8, 2022, 5:12 PM

ATHENS, Greece -- A 24-hour general strike called by Greece's private and public sector unions was set to shut down most services around the country Wednesday.

Late Tuesday, aviation authorities announced that air traffic controllers and civil aviation workers would not participate in the strike after all. That meant domestic and international flight cancellations and schedule changes announced by Greece's main airlines for Wednesday would be readjusted, with many flights taking place. Travelers were advised to contact airlines.

Also late Tuesday, Athens public transport unions said they were extending the hours they would be on strike.

Greek unions are demanding lower taxes and an increase to the minimum wage, which currently stands at just over 700 euros (dollars) per month for salaried workers.

“Our country’s workers, both in the public and in the private sectors, are battling against the high prices that are strangling households and citizens,” ADEDY, a confederation of trade unions for civil servants, said in a statement. It said the greater cost of power, fuel and basic goods was cutting into workers’ salaries.

In Athens, subways and buses were to suspend services all day Wednesday,, and taxis were set to stay off the streets from 6 a.m. until Thursday morning. Unions planned to hold protest marches in the city Wednesday morning.

Ferries to and from the Greek islands were to remain tied up in ports from midnight Tuesday until midnight Wednesday.