Hundreds of Jewish pilgrims stuck on Belarus-Ukraine border

About 700 Jewish pilgrims are stuck on the Belarus border due to coroavirus restrictions that bar them from entering Ukraine

The grave of an important Hasidic rabbi who died in 1810, Nachman of Breslov, is located in Uman. Thousands of pilgrims visit the city each September for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish new year. However, Ukraine closed its borders in late August amid a surge in COVID-19 infections.

Belarus, which shares a long border with Ukraine, has not shut its borders to travelers.

A few hundred cargo trucks backed up due to the chaos at the border.

Late Tuesday, the Belarusian government said it was offering to help Ukraine set up a “green corridor” for the pilgrims to get to Uman and back to Belarus.

President Alexander Lukashenko's spokeswoman, Natalia Eismont, said Belarus was ready to provide buses to drive the pilgrims to Uman and back and make all the necessary precautions to prevent a spike in new infections.


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