Hungary finishes probe of Danube boat crash that killed 28

Hungarian officials have concluded their investigation into May's deadly tour-boat crash on the Danube River in which 28 people, mostly South Korean tourists, died

BUDAPEST, Hungary -- Hungarian officials have finished their investigation of a boat crash on the Danube River in which 28 people died, most of them South Korean tourists.

Prosecutors said Thursday they would review the gathered information before deciding how to proceed with the case.

A sightseeing boat collided with a larger cruise ship on the river and sank May 29, killing 26 South Korean tourists and two Hungarian crew members.

Just seven tourists survived and the remains of a South Korean woman are missing.

The captain of the Viking Sigyn cruise ship is in pre-trial detention on suspicion he was responsible for the crash.

Prosecutors said they would also seek disciplinary measures for a forensic expert who incorrectly concluded that the captain erased data from his cellphone after the collision.