Hurricane Nana hits Belize, then dissipates over Guatemala

Hurricane Nana has dissipated near Guatemala's border with Mexico after making landfall in Belize in the early minutes of Thursday

PUNTA GORDA, Belize -- Hurricane Nana made landfall in Belize, pelting a relatively sparsely populated stretch of the country's coast with heavy rain and wind, before weakening while pushing across Guatemala and dissipating late Thursday.

Nana weakened to a tropical depression with maximum sustained winds near 35 mph (55 kph) by late in the afternoon, and dissipated during the night near Guatemala's border with Mexico.

Guatemala reported heavy rains, especially along that border, but the country's national disaster coordinator reported no deaths and said no one had been moved to shelters.

Belize authorities also did not report any injuries. More than 4,000 people, primarily in the south of the country, moved to government shelters.

Belize Red Cross Director General Lily Bowman said teams were assessing damage across the country, but so far unconfirmed reports indicated the worst impact was on banana plantations.

“People were in full preparedness mode for this storm and activated their emergency plans so since it was not a big storm and the damage is contained and minimal in most areas it can be considered a good simulation,” she said.

Thousands of people stocked up on food, water and construction materials Wednesday ahead of the storm's landfall. Long lines stretched through supermarkets and hardware store shelves were nearly bare as residents of Belize bought materials to board up windows and doors.