Israeli forces arrest Palestinian suspected in deadly attack

Israeli police say counterterrorism forces arrested Palestinian behind deadly shooting of 2 Israeli soldiers

JERUSALEM -- Israeli police say their counterterrorism forces have arrested a Palestinian behind the deadly shooting of two Israeli soldiers.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said on Tuesday the troops apprehended Aasem Barghoutti with an automatic weapon in his possession. Israeli troops had been conducting a massive manhunt for him since the Dec. 13 shooting attack on a West Bank bus stop that killed two Israeli soldiers stationed there.

Authorities say Barghoutti was also involved in the shooting attack that killed an Israeli newborn last month.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the arrest and said that "the long arm of Israel will reach all those who harm out citizens."

Israel has arrested more than a 100 Palestinians in the manhunt and killed Barghoutti's brother in one of its arrest raids.