Italy: More than 300 mob arrests in four countries

Italian prosecutors says police in four countries have arrested more than 300 mob suspects who belong to the Calabrian-based 'Ndrangheta criminal organization

The arrested included a former lawmaker, an ex-regional official, a mayor in Calabria, a political party official and a Carabinieri commander previously assigned to the Calabrian capital.

The suspects were being held on suspicion of extortion, murder money-laundering and belonging to a Mafia organization.

‘’It is the biggest operation since the maxi-trial of Palermo,’’ anti-Mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri told the news agency ANSA. He referred to a trial against the Sicilian mafia that lasted from 1986 to early 1992 that led to the convictions of more than 300 people, considered the most significant trial ever against the Sicilian Mafia.

‘’We have completely disrupted the clans of Vibo province, but Italian regions were involved from the Alps to Sicily,’’ Gratteri said