At least 8 killed in Syria government raids on rebel enclave

Syrian rescue workers say at least eight civilians killed in intense government bombing of the civil war's last rebel stronghold

BEIRUT -- Syrian rescue workers say at least eight civilians have been killed in government bombing of the country's last rebel stronghold.

The strikes Friday included rare air raids on Idlib city, already home to large numbers of people displaced by the 10-week offensive on the rebel-held area.

Teams of first responders, known as White Helmets, filed into narrow alleys lined with bombed buildings to help the injured, pull bodies out and douse fires.

Spokesman Ahmed Sheikho said the raid on Idlib city, the third since the offensive began in late April, killed one and wounded 12. He said buildings used as shelters for people displaced from earlier rounds of violence were targeted.

The White Helmets said seven were killed in other parts of the enclave. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights put the death toll at 13.