The Latest: Hong Kong police confirm warning shot, arrest 36

Hong Kong police drew their guns and fired a warning shot after protesters attacked officers with sticks and rods, and brought out water cannon trucks for the first time in an escalation of summer protests

HONG KONG -- The Latest on Hong Kong protests (all times local):

8:15 a.m.

Hong Kong police have confirmed an officer fired a warning shot as protesters surrounded them and said they arrested 36 people during the latest pro-democracy demonstration in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

A police news release Monday said that one police officer fell to the ground as protesters threw hard objects at a small group of officers the previous night. The officers could be seen holding up their shields as protesters surged forward swinging sticks and rods.

The release said that six officers drew their pistols and one of them fired a warning shot skyward.

The incident happened after an earlier clash with hundreds of protesters who occupied a main street following a peaceful protest march. Police used tear gas to clear the street, but some protesters remained in the neighborhood.


9:35 p.m.

Hong Kong police officers have pulled their guns and reportedly shot a warning shot after they were attacked by protesters with sticks and rods.

The protesters called the police "gangsters" as they chased them on Sunday night following a standoff with police earlier in the evening.

Public broadcaster RTHK says one of its reporters saw a uniformed officer fire a shot into the sky.

The incident happened after police used tear gas to clear a large group of protesters who had occupied a street in the outlying Tsuen Wan district. Some remained in the neighborhood after the clearing operation.


7:25 p.m.

Hong Kong police have rolled out water cannon trucks for the first time in this summer's pro-democracy protests.

The two trucks moved forward with riot officers Sunday evening as they pushed protesters back along a street in the outlying Tsuen Wan district.

Hong Kong media said that the police tested the cannons earlier on barriers that had been left behind by protesters.

A large group of protesters took over a street after a march, erecting homemade barricades. They put up an initial fight after police fired tear gas at them, but then retreated.

Riot police with the water cannon trucks and a phalanx of police vehicles with flashing lights met little resistance as they advanced up the street.


5:50 p.m.

Hong Kong police have fired tear gas to try to clear a street taken over by protesters.

Police warned Sunday that they would disperse the crowd after protesters built barricades with bamboo poles, traffic cones and other objects at various points.

Protesters responded to the tear gas by throwing objects in the direction of the police.

The skirmish came after a march to a nearby park. Hong Kong media said that people were chanting "Fight for freedom, stand with Hong Kong" at a post-march rally in the park.


3:10 p.m.

Protesters have begun gathering in a steady rain for Hong Kong's latest pro-democracy march.

A stream of people carrying umbrellas filed into Kwai Chung sports ground on Sunday along one side of the oval track.

The march is in an outlying community in Hong Kong's New Territories. It is starting near the Kwai Fong rail station that has become a focal point of protesters after police used tear gas in the station earlier this month.

Protesters have taken to the streets of Hong Kong for more than two months. Their demands include democratic elections in the Chinese territory and an investigation into police use of force to quell the protests.

A large group clashed with police Saturday after a march in the Kowloon Bay neighborhood.