Manhunt on after 2 attack money transporter in Germany

Authorities say at least two people attacked a money transport truck at Cologne-Bonn airport in western Germany, shooting and injuring a guard

BERLIN -- A manhunt was underway in western Germany for at least two masked suspects who attacked a money transport truck at the Cologne-Bonn airport and shot a guard Wednesday.

Cologne police spokesman Carsten Rust said it was not yet clear if the suspects managed to rob any money from the transporter, which remained at the airport in western Germany.

Surveillance camera footage published by local newspaper Rheinische Post showed two masked suspects, one of them armed, quickly taking a wheeled suitcase to a black car and driving off with high speed.

Rust confirmed the video was authentic. He said the guard was severely injured by a shot in his thigh and had to undergo emergency surgery in the hospital. He was no longer in a life-threatening condition on Wednesday afternoon.

Police said the suspects later set the car on fire on the southern outskirts of Cologne.

A large manhunt was underway in the Cologne region, but for investigative reasons, Rust didn't want to say how many officers were involved in the search.

The German news agency dpa reported that authorities were also using a helicopter to search for the assailants.

Initially Cologne police said three people were involved in the attack, but later they changed it to saying "at least two people" were involved.