Pakistani police raid militant hideout near Quetta; 6 killed

Pakistan's police raid militant hideout near Quetta, triggering shootout that killed all 6 suspects, including a woman

QUETTA, Pakistan -- Pakistan's police say security forces have raided a militant hideout on the outskirts of the southwestern city of Quetta, triggering a gunbattle that killed all six suspects, including a woman.

A statement from the counter-terrorism department says five police officers were wounded in the raid early on Wednesday.

The raid came as Pakistan stepped up security across the country ahead of the annual commemoration of Ashoura, the holiest day on the Shiite Muslim calendar that mourns the 7th century death of Imam Hussein, the grandson of Islam's Prophet Muhammad.

The commemoration ceremonies and rituals are often targeted by Sunni extremist groups in the predominantly Sunni Pakistan. Sunnis view Shiites as heretics who deserve death.