Puerto Rico governor to run in 2020 local elections

Puerto Rico's governor has announced she will run in the island's 2020 general elections after repeatedly saying she was not interested in the position when she became leader by default following political upheaval earlier this year

Pierluisi was sworn in as governor in August but held the position less than a week after the island's Supreme Court found that Vazquez was the constitutional heir to the position after the previous governor stepped down amid political turmoil.

Vazquez, the island's former justice secretary, had initially said she would serve as governor until December 2020. It is the first time she seeks that position, while it is Pierluisi's second attempt. He lost in the 2016 local primaries to former governor Ricardo Rossello, who resigned in August following massive protests fueled in part by anger over corruption and the leak of an obscenity-laced chat involving several government officials.

Pierluisi previously served as the island's congressional representative from 2009 to 2017.