A look at Robert Mugabe's long, tumultuous rule in Zimbabwe

A look at Robert Mugabe's long, tumultuous rule in Zimbabwe

HARARE, Zimbabwe -- Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe has died at age 95, nearly two years after being forced to resign following 37 years in power. He is being praised for his role in the southern African country's liberation and remembered with bitterness by others who suffered under repression and a collapsing economy.

Here is a look at Mugabe's long and tumultuous rule:

1980: Mugabe named prime minister after independence elections

1982: Military action begins in Matabeleland against perceived uprising; is accused of killing thousands of civilians

1987: Mugabe changes constitution and becomes president

1994: Mugabe receives honorary British knighthood

2000: Land seizures of white-owned farms begin; Western donors cut off aid

2005: United States calls Zimbabwe an "outpost of tyranny"

2008: Mugabe and opposition candidate Morgan Tsvangirayi agree to share power after contested election; Britain's Queen Elizabeth II annuls Mugabe's honorary knighthood

2011: Prime Minister Tsvangirayi declares power-sharing a failure amid violence

2013: Mugabe wins seventh term; opposition alleges election fraud

2016: #ThisFlag protest movement emerges; independence war veterans turn on Mugabe, calling him "dictatorial"

2017: Mugabe steps down under military pressure after he fires deputy Emmerson Mnangagwa, who succeeds him as president

2019: Mugabe dies in Singapore