Sistine Chapel Choir director quits after funding scandal

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Sistine Chapel Choir director

VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the Sistine Chapel Choir director in the wake of a funding scandal.

The Vatican said Wednesday that Monsignor Massimo Palombella will be temporarily replaced by Monsignor Marcos Pavan, currently in charge of the boys' division of what's believed to be the world's oldest choir.

Earlier this year, Francis put a close aide in overall charge of the choir amid reform efforts. He also exhorted church choirs to perform at liturgical services with "sincere piety."

In 2018, the Vatican began a probe of alleged diversion of funds by choir directors.

That same year saw the choir perform for celebrities in New York at a VIP-studded Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The choir's much-touted summer tour of the United States was canceled without explanation.