Surfer fatally bitten by shark off Australia's east coast

A surfer was fatally bitten by a shark off eastern Australia’s coast as many locals went to beaches to celebrate Father’s Day

Fellow surfers, bystanders and paramedics gave the man CPR but he had a critical arm injury and could not be revived, New South Wales ambulance official Chris Wilson said.

The attack occurred off Shelly and Emerald beaches in Coffs Harbour, about 530 kilometers (330 miles) north of Sydney.

Witness Aaron Armstrong said Emerald Beach was very popular and many locals were in the water enjoying and celebrating Father's Day. “Yeah, it will change the fabric a little bit for a little while in EB, that’s for sure,” Armstrong told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Before Sunday, the most recent fatal shark attack in Australia was in May off the coast of Forster, 220 kilometers (137 miles) north of Sydney.