Top EU official pledges more support for Ukraine

A top European Union official has pledged more support for Ukraine as he visited the area near the separatist conflict in the country’s east

He said that the EU assistance will include funding for the checkpoints near the zone of conflict.

Efforts to negotiate a political settlement under the 2015 Minsk agreements brokered by France and Germany have stalled.

Zelenskiy thanked Michel, noting that his visit is a “demonstration that Ukraine doesn't remain alone."

At the same time, Michel, on his first visit to Ukraine, urged the country's government to step up efforts to combat corruption and conduct judicial reforms.

“And much needs to be done in judicial reform and the fight against corruption,” Michel said. “Ukrainian citizens deserve a judicial system that respects justice, applies it and demonstrates that there is no impunity for crimes. We will support you at every stage of your path to the rule of law and judicial reform in Ukraine.”