UK to return medal stripped from bisexual former sailor

A bisexual former sailor is having his medal returned to him by British military officials in an acknowledgement that the military's treatment of gay service personnel was unfair

ByThe Associated Press
December 10, 2019, 12:03 PM

LONDON -- British officials are returning a medal to a Falklands War veteran who said it was taken away from him because of his sexuality.

Joe Ousalice says the long service and good conduct medal was confiscated from him when he was discharged from the Royal Navy after revealing he was bisexual during a court martial proceeding in 1993.

He had taken the Ministry of Defense to court to reclaim his medal.

The Defense Ministry said Tuesday its policy had been wrong, discriminatory and unjust. Gays were not allowed to serve in the British military until the rule was altered in 2000.

Ousalice served for 18 years as a radio operator in a career that included postings in the Middle East and Northern Ireland.

British officials plan to return medals to other veterans who were treated the same way.

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