Warsaw mayor slams police for turning tear gas on protesters

Warsaw’s mayor has criticized Polish police for using tear gas on mostly female protesters

WARSAW, Poland -- Warsaw's mayor criticized police for using tear gas on mostly female protesters on Wednesday evening at the latest in a string of women-led protests against a top court ruling restricting abortion.

Political tensions have been extremely high in Poland since the constitutional court ruled last month to impose a near total ban on abortion. Mass street protests have so far prevented the government from enforcing the ruling.

“Tear gas against women? Really, Polish police?” Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski wrote on Twitter after a protest in Warsaw that was smaller than many of the demonstrations of past weeks.

“The use of direct coercion must be justified and proportionate, it must be a last resort. I believe there was no reason to use it against women’s and youth demonstrations. There were many more policemen than protesters,” Trzaskowski wrote.