Woman films moment an avalanche in central Norway came down

A Norwegian woman was quick to film a video of the moment an avalanche in central Norway came down

COPENHAGEN, Denmark -- A Norwegian woman showed her quick wits when filming a "dramatic" avalanche that was cascading down towards her home.

Gunn Gravem Isaksen told The Associated Press she was at home in central Norway when the avalanche occurred on Tuesday.

On realizing what was going on, she rushed out onto her porch and started filming the avalanche in the Kufonna mountain in the Sunndal municipality, a region widely known for its early spring avalanches.

Gravem Isaksen, a 48-year-old shop manager from the town of Furugrenda at the foot of Kufonna, said Wednesday that the video certainly "looks dramatic" but that first and foremost she was grateful no one was injured.

"We're used to avalanches here but this one was huge," she said. "And no one was in danger at any moment; we (in the town) were not threatened."