10-Minute Organization Hacks for Your Kid's Room

The room will practically clean itself with these hacks.

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How many times do you have to ask your little ones to clean their rooms? And how long will they spend complaining about it? When it all adds up, it’s probably longer than the time it would take for these hacks. Then the room will practically clean itself.

These 10-minute organization hacks make cleaning up the kid's room easier on everyone, and create extra storage for all of the toys.

Bedside Organizer

This DIY bed pocket caddy is the perfect way for your little one to store her favorite book and little stuffed animals for easy access at bedtime. (via Garden Matter)

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Hair Accessories Holder

You will never lose a hair clip or headband again. This frame works as an organizer and fun decoration for the bedroom. (via Mom & Wife)

Colorful Bookshelf

No need to spend lots of money on a boring bookcase. Build one instead with wooden crates and acrylic paint in your kid’s favorite color. (via Crazy Little Projects)

Lego Organizer

Finding a specific colored and shaped LEGO piece can be so difficult when everything is in one bucket. Keep the pieces in place with this easy color-sorted organizer. (via I Heart Organizing)

Art Station Holders

Keep all of the fun arts and crafts essentials organized with these DIY holders. (via The Crafting Chicks)

Rolling Toy Storage

This DIY rolling storage is perfect for keeping lots of different toys together. (via The Heathered Nest)

Toy Storage Stool

Keep your kid’s little toys off the ground and in this DIY storage stool. (via Kids Activities Blog)

Stuffed Animal Swing

Does your little one have too many stuffed animals to count? Keep all of them together in their very own swing. (via It’s Always Autumn)

Princess Wardrobe

Who doesn’t love a day full of playing dress up? Your daughter’s pretty princess dresses can hang proudly in her room on this DIY wardrobe. (via The Nerd’s Wife)