13 Unique Gifts for Your Foodie Friends

PHOTO: Book a private chef with Kitchensurfing for your next dinner party.
Courtesy Kitchensurfing

With a food craze sweeping the nation, we all have people in our lives who are obsessed with cooking, eating and learning about food. We picked 13 gifts that any food lover will appreciate. They range from having a "Top Chef" cook your dinner to a personal beer-making kit. Just don't be surprised if you find yourself wanting this stuff too.

PHOTO: Book a Top Chef alum, like Marcel Vigneron, pictured here, to cook at your next dinner party.
Courtesy Kitchit
'Top Chef' meal

This is the perfect gift for the Top Chef-obsessed. Kitchit, a private dining website, connects you with former "Top Chef" contestants, who are offering menus, such as a New Orleans-themed or "Ultimate Challenge" meal, inspired by the hit reality-TV show. Pick one and your next dinner party will be epic.

Available at Kitchit starting at $45 per person.

PHOTO: Foodie Gift Guide
Courtesy Stewart, Tabori and Chang
The Chelsea Market Cookbook

Why make gifts of recipes from just one chef when you can pick a book that showcases the food of several? Chelsea Market in New York City is a foodie heaven, with dozens of vendors offering handmade pasta, high-end butchered meat, whole lobster dinners, freshly fried mini doughnuts and more. Get in on the action with the market's cookbook, which includes more than 100 recipes, such as hoisin-glazed pork belly, velvety cream of tomato soup and rugelach.

Available at Amazon for $21.43.

PHOTO:Foodie Gift Guide
Courtesy Quirky
Pluck Egg Separator

Let's be honest -- separating eggs can be a pain-in-the-butt. Not so with this new egg separator from Quirky, which with the squeeze of a bottle, sucks up the yolk of a raw egg and deposits it into a separate dish. This one's a no-brainer for the bakers you know.

Available at Quirky for $10.39.

PHOTO: Foodie Gift Guide
Courtesy Tovolo
King Cube Ice Tray

Right, no one needs large ice cubes in a drink. But they make the drink look so pretty and fancy. This slow-melting, large ice tray from Tovolo is a great stocking stuffer for the serious drinker.

Available at Amazon for $8.50.

PHOTO: The Average Joe Artisan Bread Cooks Edition Kit has everything you need to bake your own bread.
Courtesy Average Joe
Bread-Making Kit

Bread baking can be intimidating for even the most advanced cook. Solve that dilemma with Average Joe's bread-making kit, which includes enough ingredients for three loaves, a cookbook, a cheat sheet and baker's tools that most people don't have. We recommend this gift for someone who lives in your house -- that way you can reap the benefits, we mean, make sure it works.

Available at Average Joe Artisan Bread Kit for $39.

PHOTO: The Perfect Drink app helps you pour the perfect drink.
Courtesy Brookstone
Perfect Drink Bartending App

This gizmo from Brookstone connects to an iPad to help you create the perfect drink (hence the item's name). Together with an app, the device uses weight and graphics to help you pour exact measurements for hundreds of drinks.

Available at Brookstone for $59.99.

PHOTO: A year of bi-weekly kitchen letters.
James Ransom
A Year of Handwritten Chef Recipes

This is the gift that keeps on giving. For one year, your giftee will receive twice-monthly handwritten letters and recipes in the mail from restaurants and chefs across the country.

Available at Food 52 for $60.

PHOTO: Book a private chef with Kitchensurfing for your next dinner party.
Courtesy Kitchensurfing
A Private Chef

Who wouldn't like a private chef? Give the gift of fabulous food from Kitchensurfing, a site that connects chefs and the hungry, to someone you really, really love, and you might just get included in the meal.

Available at Kitchensurfing.

PHOTO: Foodie Gift Guide
Courtesy reCAP
Mason Jar Travel Lid

Drinking from a mason jar is just so pleasurable, and now you never have to give it up with these travel lids and ...

Available at Mason Jars starting at $7.

PHOTO: A mason jar cocktail shaker attachment.
Courtesy The Mason Shaker
Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

... this cocktail shaker. Drinks definitely get hipster flair when shaken in a mason jar.

Available at The Mason Shaker for $29.

PHOTO: Foodie Gift Guide
Courtesy Ten Speed Press
Pok Pok Cookbook + Ingredient Bundle

Andy Ricker's food exploded on the New York City dining scene this year with the opening of his Thai restaurant, Pok Pok. Now, your Asian-food loving friend can get in on the action anywhere in the country with the release of his new cookbook. Plus, because the ingredients can be difficult to find, the chef has paired up with Temple of Thai to create recipe ingredient bundles, so your giftee can get started right away to make a delicious papaya salad or sweet pork with coconut rice.

Cookbook available at Amazon for $22.14. Ingredient bundles available at Temple of Thai starting at $13.69.

PHOTO: Make your own beer at home with this kit.
Courtesy Brooklyn Brewshop
Beer-Making Kit

The next step for serious beer lovers is to make their own. Brooklyn Brew Shop makes it easy to get started with its Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit, or you can choose from plenty of other flavors, such as oatmeal stout or grapefruit honey ale.

Available at Brooklyn Brew Shop for $40.

PHOTO: Foodie Gift Guide
James Ransom
iPad Sleeve Protectors + Kitchen Stand

An iPad is the kitchen's ultimate friend, except the kitchen doesn't often return the kindness. Protect your best sous chef with food-proof plastic sleeves and a stand that keeps the device upright and ready to assist.

Available at Food52 for $20-55.

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