Adam Driver Cat Goes Viral, Gets Adopted Immediately

Emily McCombs adopted the Kylo Ren-looking kitty from the Monmouth County SPCA.

After a photo of Corey was posted on Twitter, the Internet went wild for this Kylo Ren-looking kitty, who thanks to his newfound fame, has already gotten adopted into a new forever family.

Emily McCombs drove more than an hour to rescue the Adam Driver cat from the Monmouth County SPCA in New Jersey.

“When I saw him I already loved him and then I knew he was supposed to live with me,” McCombs told ABC News of her new beloved pet. “I emailed the shelter and found out he had already been adopted at first. I was bummed, but then that family backed out. So it felt like an epic quest. The woman emailed me at like 3pm from the shelter and I didn’t see it until later, so I didn’t know for sure if he would still be there when I got there.”

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McCombs convinced a friend with a car to drive her all the way to New Jersey in attempts to get there as soon as the shelter opened the next morning, but didn’t make it until about half past the hour. Three people were already there in hopes of adopting Corey.

“We set out not really knowing for sure if he would still be available. When we got there there were already like 3 people waiting for Corey. One lady had her appointment before me and I thought all was lost. I took my picture with him and was just happy I got to meet him.”

Fortunately for McCombs however, the lady with the appointment ahead of her backed out due to allergies.

“She’s allergic to some breeds of cat and she couldn’t in good conscious take him without knowing if she’d have a reaction,” McCombs explained.

Therefore, McCombs excitedly filled out the adoption paperwork, renamed him Kylo Ren, and now they’re living happily ever after in a galaxy far, far away—aka Brooklyn.

McCombs, a writer for Elite Daily, also noted that “Several people have already told me they’ve contacted Adam’s Driver’s agent. If he wants to take a picture with the cat, I’m not going to say ‘no.’”

The offer stands, Adam.

You can follow Kylo Ren’s Dark Side kitty adventures at his Instagram account, catam_driver.