Adorable Toddler Explains Why She Gave Herself a Mullet

Ansleigh Clark gave herself a bold hairdo while her dad was in another room.

— -- A toddler named Ansleigh gave her dad quite the shock last Friday -- she had given herself a new mullet hairdo behind his back.

"My first thought was 'My wife is going to kill me. That's it, I'm dead,'" Chad Clark, 42, of Saint Augustine, Florida, told ABC News.

"It was funny," he admitted. "Ansleigh said 'Dad I did a really good job for the first time I've ever cut my hair.'"

Clark, a father of four, said it was the weekend of Dec. 4 when he was at home watching his children, while his wife Jeni was away at a conference.

While his youngest took a nap, Clark said his daughter Ansleigh, 3, got a hold of some scissors that were being used to cut wrapping paper before sneaking into her room.

"I stuck my head in the door and said 'Hey, what are you doing?' and then I noticed her bangs were gone," Clark said. "She thought she did a good job, but every time I ran my hand through her hair, more of hair came out."

Clark shot a video of Ansleigh explaining why she gave herself a mullet haircut. She wanted to be a stylist "like Miss Jessica," a family friend.

The video has racked up over 8 million views since Clark shared it on Facebook last week.

Miss Jessica, the Clarks' family friend, has fixed Ansleigh's hair, cutting her mullet into a short pixie.

"She loves it," Clark said. "I tell her she looks like Tinkerbell."