Alias and Savvy? Random Words are the New Trend in Baby Names

Eliminate is one that should probably go.

— -- An alias is something most parents probably don't envision their children having. And yet, some parents are choosing to name their babies just that: Alias.

That's according to leading baby-naming site Nameberry, which has come up with a list of names -- words, really -- that parents are giving their kids.

Alias was the name given to 28 baby boys. Awesome also made the list for boys, along with Handsome and Majestic. For names that might be indicative of their parents' aspirations for their sons, there's Boss, Captain, Chief and Master.

For the little ladies, Goddess was particularly popular, along with Savvy. There's also Lucky, given to 11 girls and 54 boys.

Turns out little lady Lucky is that indeed. She could have been named Eliminate. Five baby girls will be explaining this one for a lifetime.