Amazing Parents Create Transforming Optimus Prime Birthday Cake for Son

See this boy's reaction when the cake goes from a truck to a Transformer.

— -- A clever couple from Australia recently surprised their son with a transforming Optimus Prime cake for his sixth birthday.

A YouTube video from the six-year-old boy's birthday party in Perth shows the boy blowing out the candles on what appears to be a truck-shaped cake just before it starts moving and turning into Optimus Prime, the awe-inspiring leader of the Autobot forces in the "Transformers" series.

"My boy asked for a Transformers cake for his 6th birthday. I decided to up the ante," the boy's father, Russell Munro wrote on one of the videos of the cake.

Munro explained on YouTube that his wife, Belinda Munro baked the actual cake, and on Google+, he explained that he designed the cake, 3D-printed the skeleton, assembled it and did all the electrical work.

He added that he even spent months constantly modifying the cake to work to perfection.

Many have been asking if Munro plans on selling such cakes, but he said on Google+ that he doesn't plan to.

"I won't sell it [because] the design was awfully fiddly and frustrating with heaps of small screw[s] but I was considering making it an open source project and see what other people could do with it?" Munro wrote back to an inquiry on his Google+ account.

Munro appears to have a blog where he shares his "programming, design and projects from my shed," including other cool projects like a "PunchBot."