3 Apps to Help Shoppers Save Money

If you’re still clipping coupons, consider trying these three apps to save big.

— -- In the age of the smartphone, you don’t need to clip coupons to save money. Nowadays, it’s all about cash-saving shopping apps.

Pogue -- who appeared on “GMA” as part of the Yahoo Your Day collaboration -- said the apps not only collate prices from stores in one location, but they also know what deals, specials and offers are currently available.

Pogue revealed the three must-have mobile apps shoppers should use every day in order to save time and money.

1. RetailMeNot. Not only does this app help shoppers make online purchases from home, it also helps shoppers spot online deals before they head to buy something in a store.

Using The Gap as an example, he searched the app for items that might be on sale from the retailer.

The result? “Here’s a complete list of all the coupons and deals, and discounts rounded up from all over the web,” he said.

2. Red Laser. It’s a barcode scanning app that shoppers can use when they’re in a store.

“This is especially useful in those stores that say we’ll meet any price, or beat any price …,” Pogue said, adding, “I’m going to scan the barcode with my phone, I just hold it up to the barcode like that it tells me exactly what I scanned.”

Pogue scanned a book and got several results.

“There it is … the local price and the online price is less, and if I scroll down, here’s every book store, every place that’s got it, and all the different prices for them,” he said

3. Shyp. This app simplifies the process of making store returns from home, Pogue said. First, you take a picture of the item you’d like to return. “And then for $5 … they’ll come to your house, pick it up, pack it up, and ship it for you, plus the shipping cost,” he said.